About company

CJSC Transport Mission was established in 2003 by a candidate of economic sciences, a businessman with more than 20 years of experience.

The main activity of the company is the design and construction of multi-storey automated parking lots for the permanent and temporary placement of a large number of vehicles using automated tools. The experience of leading corporations, studied during the first one and a half years of the company's existence, gave impetus to the creation of a research team of qualified specialists.

In 2004, the newest technology of construction was developed and a feasibility study of multi-storey mechanized garages with the working title “Multi-Storey Automated Parkings” - MAPs was presented.

The ultimate goal of the project is to improve and optimize the infrastructure of megacities suffering from oversaturation with vehicles. The acute shortage of parking lots, constant traffic jams and the sidewalks of our cities filled with cars should be a thing of the past!

Close cooperation with our German colleagues, the company Otto Nussbaum GmbH & Co KG, makes it possible to realize the goals set in the near future. The starting points of our work have always been: high qualification, experience, favorable conditions for cooperation and a clear perspective.

The result of systematic and hard work was the first in Russia Multi-Storey Automated Parking, built on the territory of the Ostankino television center.

President of CJSC Transport Mission
Candidate of Economic Sciences
Vladimir Temnyansky