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Parking, or rather, their absence or lack, has long been turned into a real disaster for the major cities of Russia and Moscow in the first place. Often, people leave their cars on the sidelines, sidewalks and lawns, not so much because they are malicious violators in their nature, but because of hopelessness.

You are offered one of the solutions to this problem, which will relieve the streets of cities, courtyards from parked cars and enable traffic arteries to restore their traffic - Russia's first high-tech multi-storey automated parking (MAP). Its main advantage is the possibility of placing 34 or more cars on an area of ​​just over 100 square meters.

We guarantee comfort, reliability of the parking system, protection from vandalism, theft, damage and fire.


Application options

Application options This multi-storey automated parking consists of a metal frame with entry / exit areas, cells for storing cars, a lifting mechanism with a cargo platform equipped with a removable car pallet, with a mechanism for horizontal movement of the indicated pallets from the platform to the cells and back. See all application options.